IAS Benevolent Fund - YOUNG LIVES VS CANCER site visit

The Industrial Society Benevolent Fund's key function is to support our members who have hit troubled times or been affected by personal tragedy.

The national committee was recently made aware of just such a situation. James Issako of Derrick Wade Waters young son was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer. We approached James to see what assistance the IAS could offer him and his family. Luckily James’s son is doing very well and responding well to his treatment, which is nearly over. James told us about the wonderful Children’s charity that is supporting him and his family during this time and he asked the IAS if there was any possible help available.

The charity who supported James’s family was Young Lives vs Cancer. Further information about them can be found here: bit.ly/younglivesvscancer

Children and young people's cancer is often treated in a specialist Centre’s rather than a local hospital. Quite often this a long way from the family home, so at a time when families should only have to focus on their child or young person's treatment, they’re worrying about the logistics and costs of getting to hospital, and where they’re going to stay close to them. This is one of way the charity helps. The Charity offers a “Homes from Home”, which are free places for families to stay when their child is going through cancer treatment. They are close to principal treatment centres, helping families avoid the extra financial burdens of travel, accommodation, and food costs. They also allow young cancer patients to be close to their loved ones, keeping the family together at a difficult time

To provide this amazing facility, the charity is always in need of basic household items. Washing Detergent, shower gel, Microwaves, pots and pans, pillows &duvets. Providing these essentials for free means it is one less thing for the families to have to worry about.

The IAS, via the Benevolent Fund were able to buy several items on the charities Amazon wish list, which were delivered to their London Home. St Pauls House

Vice Chairman Daniel Harness & James Issako were able to visit St Paul’s house in London to see first-hand the amazing facility Young Lives vs Cancer offer cancer patients and their families. Both were struck at just how warm and welcoming the home was and how caring and supportive the staff at the homes are to every family who stays there.

Having experienced the amazing support the charity provides first hand, James commented: “When you are dealing with something as tough as a child being seriously ill, you already have so much to worry about. A lot of time at least one of the parents must give up work, and Joshua’s mum was no different. This meant no income almost overnight. Young Lives vs Cancer were able to source grants for her to assist through some tough times. They also offered a counselling service which I know Joshua’s mum found a great comfort.  

Although we did not stay in one of 11 homes where they house patients and their family’s undergoing treatment; having visited one recently with Dan I can see what an amazing job they do, to create such a homely environment for people going through a truly awful time. They fund all that they do through donations and make a real difference to family’s who need it.”

If you would like to support the charity, please feel free to get in contact with them direct - bit.ly/younglivesvscancerjoinourfight