IAS Charitable Cause 2018

The IAS chosen charity is The Faraway Children’s Charity. The family of James Swallow were contacted and asked to arrive at a charity, which meant a great deal to the whole family.

The Faraway Children’s Charity (FCC) – is a registered charity (No. 1137170) established to ‘Meet the diverse needs of disadvantaged, vulnerable or children and young people at risk within Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas.’ They use a very broad definition for ‘disadvantage’ so as not to exclude any children in most need. The charity is named after one of Enid Blyton’s children’s books: ‘The Faraway Tree’ which tells the story of a group of children who discover a magical tree where they are safe and happy. FCC is governed by a Committee of voluntary Trustees and supported by a number of volunteers who share a commitment to low cost – no cost charity administration (ordinarily insurance and storage being our only annual admin costs) so we ensure maximum benefits with 100% of donations for vulnerable children. As a volunteer-led charity we have no paid staff and rely solely on goodwill and generosity to achieve our ambitions for vulnerable children.

Since 2008, FCC has distributed well over 37,000 free resources and gifts to disadvantaged children and hopes to reach the 40,000 mark over Christmas 2017.

What They Do: Their priorities for 2017-18 maximise their available donations and avoid duplication and focus on: Christmas Presents; Easter Eggs; and clothes, uniforms, toiletries etc. at trustees discretion agreed case by case. Based on demand they are currently discussing adding food to their list of priorities based on the number of requests they receive for support regarding hungry children. We have previously piloted food bag distribution via schools for extremely disadvantaged children over weekends and to combat school holiday hunger. Sadly, we see this addition as a potential core inclusion for our future annual activities and are working with partners to look at innovative solutions and preventative measures.

Their Impact: They have supported thousands of children and young people in the last nine years. Through donations they’ve benefitted from: improved hygiene; warm and clean clothes and shoes; enjoyment of toys, games and books; Christmas presents for children who may not get any or many; Easter eggs for children who may not get one; healthy and celebratory food; fun and smiles.

Their partners: They operate effectively through a network of partners all working with the most vulnerable children and young people in Northamptonshire. Partners help them access the needy children we support and ensure our resources are targeted correctly. Partners include youth clubs, charities, schools, refuges, food banks, community groups, churches, homeless shelters, leaving care teams, teenage parenting hostels, baby groups, children’s centres, home starts and many others.

Their Donors: They do not receive any statutory funding and are solely funded by the creativity and generosity of companies, individuals, clubs and groups who fundraise on our behalf or donate goods we can distribute. We’re grateful for any support offered as collectively it makes an enormous difference to some of the community’s most disadvantaged members.
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