A Fond Farewell From The Outgoing Chairman Peter Freeman

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Peter Freeman

Dear IAS members,

Following on from the recent virtual IAS Awards, it is with sadness that I have to leave my position of Chairman a little early having found a new role client side following my redundancy earlier this summer.  Some of you my already know that I will be joining Melcombe Partners to build a logistics portfolio.

Redundancy is not nice, sleepless night and stressful days searching for new opportunities. It never comes at a good time and you soon realise those that are prepared to go the extra mile for you, to try and help you out as much as possible, and that is the beauty of the IAS.

From countback, I think (I honestly can’t remember) I joined the IAS committee in 2003 / 2004 just as Charlie Binks was leaving his two-year stint as Chairman. Over the years there were various roles; I started with the Thirsty Thursdays taking over form Nikki Webb. Finding a new venue was always a great job to do, as it required extensive research as we had certain things we wanted, such as a self contained bar, real ale as well as lager, close to the tube and a bit of food. With so many places to choose from and not being London based at least there was always someone on hand to help and accompany me to ‘test out’ the various venues and hospitality on offer!

After many years of sorting the TT, next role was the football following in the shoes of Paul Mussi. From the single five-a-side competition, I got the IAS involved in the eleven-a-side games (provided I played of course!) and even sorted out the first IAS football kit. We won some, we lost some, and I’m glad that the eleven-a-sides have continued where possible.

During all this time, the market rose and shrank with good times and the odd recession or two, whilst the speed of information grew faster, didn’t everyone want / need a Blackberry? That soon changed. Next was the ipad / tablets for presentations and the shout of “can anyone use PowerPoint properly?” Still, we got on by, worked it out and continued our drinking.

From there came the Treasurer role. Now that is an interesting one, paying all the invoices, making sure people paid the IAS invoices in return, seeing how much the speakers of the dinners / awards get paid, how much for a website upgrade, etc! And then we throw in the Conference for a laugh… lets double the amount of invoices / sponsorship / paperwork in one easy fell swoop, but it was worth it. What a success it’s tuned out to be and it beats the old Shed Show hands down.

Its been a honour to have worked with so many great people on the committee over the years, each Chairman (person) has had their own style, all them of good in their own way. Even if some of them do turn up to meetings slightly inebriated or decide to tear up a Eurostar ticket back to Paris – there are those who are good at magic and those who are not.

Being based out of London for the vast majority of my thirty years as an agent (essentially 29 of them) there is no better way of getting to know the London teams or indeed those from outside of London than through the IAS.

So my role as the Chairman has come to an end. Its been fun and a complete honour and I am pleased to have moved a few initiatives along the way whilst being Chair, pushing for the introduction of AED (Defibs) as part of a developers / refurb spec and raising the topic of diversity and inclusion are just some of my highlights.

Gordon Reynolds of Cushman & Wakefield has now stepped into the role of Chair and will push things along further, so all that is left is for me to wish you all the best for the future, and hopefully see you soon at an event with my client hat on.

Best wishes

Peter Freeman